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Tooling around in the Top End September 26, 2008

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Tooling around in the Top End

Tim Flannery and John Doyle on ABC1

Tim Flannery and John Doyle on ABC1

By Mark Henderson

From the Australian Conservative, September 24, 2008

The ABC is currently screening its latest platform for global-warming-obsessed Tim Flannery, the TV show “Two in the Top End” – or, as Tim Blair calls it, Two Tools in a Toyota.

Appropriately, Tim’s companion in the Top End is satirist John Doyle.

Doyle and the “Reverend” Flannery started their pilgrimage to Northern Australia in predictable fashion – setting off in a hybrid Toyota Prius, which is to global warming believers what a crucifix is to Christians – a sign of their faith.

Irony and belief in global warming, it seems, are mutually exclusive. No sooner had Flannery and Doyle abandoned the Prius for a more practical four-wheel drive than they were lamenting lead mining in the Northern Territory.

Wasn’t it such a shame, they said, that the area had to be spoiled by lead mines just to help China make batteries.

Gentlemen, your Toyota Prius also has a lead battery. It is made in Japan. So Northern Australia is being despoiled to make batteries for your Prius. Get with the scientific consensus – even hybrid cars use lead acid batteries.

Flannery mixed in with his hypocrisy a healthy dose of his now famous exaggeration.

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