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Get Ready for the Global Warming Propaganda September 23, 2008

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Get Ready for the Global Warming Propaganda

From the New World Liberty Blog

Now that government scientists recognize that the sun’s lack of sun spot activity is going to significantly cool the solar system, get ready for the storm of propaganda. You’ll hear something to this effect on every major news show and every major newspaper.

“Global warming is still real. These colder temperatures just mean it could be a lot colder without global warming. We still must fight global warming because these colder temperatures will not last. We must still significantly reduce our carbon footprint.”

Get ready to vomit. The real scientists know CO2 is a minor greenhouse gas with neglible effect on global temperatures and usually follow global warming rather than cause it. The sun and water in the atmosphere are the leading determination of global temperatures.

Increases in CO2 are usually balanced with increased plant life, especially in the oceans, which consume the CO2 and release O2. Increased CO2 in the atmosphere increases crop yield, which in times of food shortages, is actually very desired.

Be weary of scientists on government payroll and scientists and organizations who are paid by the trillionaire international bankers, the Rothschild family with an estimated worth of 100 trillion and Rockefeller family with an estimated net worth of 10 trillion. These net worths are conservative estimates and growing exponentially as debts around the globe increase exponentially. They want global carbon tax to consolidate wealth and power globally.

I’m sure there will be some retard somewhere who will blame the global cooling on the ban of CFCs. I’m still scratching my head why all those CFCs decided to move to the upper atmosphere of the south pole to interfere with the complex series of photochemical reactions which constantly form and destroy ozone. Maybe it was those same magnetic forces that brought down WTC 7? Maybe the CFCs were running from Al Gore?



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